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Invest DSM provides funding to strengthen select Des Moines neighborhoods, called Special Investment Districts (SIDs): Drake, Franklin Area, Columbus Park, and Oak Park/Highland Park.

These districts were chosen after a months-long process of qualitative and quantitative research by the City of Des Moines and Polk County. Each of the selected neighbors has a distinctive history, community culture, and housing character that we aim to preserve and enhance for current and future generations of Des Moines residents. 

Check Your Eligibility

To find out if your current home or one you are considering purchasing is located in one of our Special Investment Districts, please enter the street address in the search fields below.

If the property falls within one of the colored blocks on the map or on either side of a boundary street — then it’s in one of our Special Investment Districts.

If you meet the other eligibility requirements for the program you’d like to participate in, then you can get started on the application process.


State: Iowa

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Next Steps

Decide which program is right for you.

Review the program guidelines and eligibility requirements.

Get started on the application process.