Invest DSM provides holistic and innovative solutions that strengthen neighborhoods. We do this through strategic investments in real estate and partnerships to improve quality of life.

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Special Investment Districts (SIDs) are areas in the City of Des Moines where a unique combination of public and private resources are being focused to strengthen middle market neighborhoods. The City designated four pilot areas to focus and test strategies to strengthen middle neighborhoods.

Oak Park / Highland Park

Historic neighborhood business district surrounded by well-built homes plus beautiful McHenry Park overlooking the river — a great value close to downtown employment and amenities.


Beautiful historic homes on stately boulevards in an eclectic and diverse neighborhood, home to Drake University, friendly neighbors, and unique community events.

Franklin Area

Charming homes on tree-lined streets with friendly neighbors; top-rated schools in a convenient location; walk and bike to neighborhood icons including Snookie’s, Waveland Cafe, the Franklin Avenue Library, and the re-activated Franklin Jr. High.

Columbus Park

Little Italy on the rivers, spectacular views of downtown, affordable single-family homes plus upscale, modern apartments.


Residents, homeowners, potential homeowners, developers, contractors, business owners, commercial property owners — all have a role to play in making the Special Investment Districts stronger over the coming decade. For that reason, Invest DSM is developing several programs that respond to the market’s needs and is seeking to partner with a wide variety of neighborhood stakeholders.

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