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The Flats at Highland Park

How To Apply

Application Process

  1. Closely review the program guidelines.
  2. Contact Invest DSM to schedule a consultation to discuss proposed projects and develop project specifics before submitting an application. You should have the following information available for the consultation:
    • Details on the existing condition of the property, its ownership and occupancy, and the code violation status
    • A preliminary Sources and Uses Statement that includes:
      • Acquisition cost (if applicable)
      • A preliminary scope of work and construction budget
      • An estimate of post-project rental rates, per unit
    • Any immediate health and safety concerns
    • For additions, floor plan changes, or deconversions, schematic concept drawings, if available. (Please note that final drawings for these types of projects must be done by a licensed architect.)
  3. Receive a preliminary letter of eligibility or denial from Invest DSM staff. 
  4. Submit a formal application for the Rental Rehab Program.
  5. Sign your Grant Agreement and receive the green light to begin work!

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