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Updated exterior of Chuck's Restaurant in the Highland Park neighborhood of Des Moines

How To Apply

Have you confirmed your eligibility?

Do you know the basic elements of your project? 

If so, you may apply for the Commercial Grant program by following the steps below.

Application Process

  1. Closely review the program guidelines.
  2. Complete the City of Des Moines’ Pre-Application process. 
    • Start by scheduling a Pre-Application Meeting.
      • Please Note: You will be asked to Register or log in to your Customer Self Service account on the City of Des Moines website. If you do not have an account, click “Register Here” and create a free account. Once you have logged in, you will be able to schedule your Pre-Application Meeting.
    • You will need a description of the proposed project and a copy of a drafted or hand-drawn diagram of the property showing the following:
      • Existing buildings, parking, drive aisles, drainage ways and basins, landscaping and open spaces. 
      • Proposed buildings, parking, landscaping and/or open spaces.
      • Property boundary lines.
  3. After your conference, contact Invest DSM to schedule a consultation to discuss proposed projects and develop project specifics. You should have the following information available for the consultation:
    • Details on the existing condition of the property and its ownership
    • Preliminary Sources and Uses Statement that includes:
      • Acquisition cost (if applicable)
      • A preliminary scope of work and construction budget
      • An estimate of the funding request of Invest DSM
    • Any health and safety concerns and code violation status
    • Notes from the Pre-Application Meeting with the City of Des Moines, if available
  4. Receive a preliminary letter of eligibility or denial from Invest DSM staff.
  5. Submit a formal application for the Commercial Grant program.
  6. Sign your Grant Agreement and receive the green light to begin work!

Have a question about the application process?